Candle Warmer Lamps Champagne Gold

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🔥 Safe and Efficient Melting

Melt your candles without the worry of an open flame, ensuring a safe and clean experience.

⏲️ Set It, Forget It, Love It | Timer Function

Conveniently set melting durations to enjoy your favorite scents without manual intervention.

📏 One Size Fits Most Candles

Dimmable and adjustable to fit different jar candle sizes, perfect for large 3-wick candles. (Up to Diameter-5.5 inches / Height-6.6 inches)

💡 Dimmable Brightness

Easily adjust the brightness and melting speed with the button or remote of the REIDEA Candle Warmer Lamp.

1. What is a Koopower Candle Warmer Lamp?

A Koopower Candle Warmer Lamp is a device designed to gently heat and melt candles from the top down, releasing fragrance without the need for an open flame. It is safer and more efficient than traditional candle burning.

2. How does a candle warmer lamp work?

The lamp uses a halogen bulb to produce heat that melts the candle wax from the top. This method allows the candle to release its scent more quickly and evenly without producing soot or smoke.

3. Is it safe to leave the candle warmer lamp on for extended periods?

Yes, Koopower Candle Warmer Lamps are designed with safety in mind. They typically include features like automatic shut-off timers to prevent overheating and potential hazards.

4. Can I use any type of candle with the Koopower Candle Warmer Lamp?

Yes, most types of candles can be used with the candle warmer lamp, including jar candles and pillar candles. However, it is important to ensure that the candle fits securely under the warming lamp.

5. How do I adjust the brightness or heat level of the lamp?

Koopower Candle Warmer Lamps come with dimmable settings that allow you to adjust the brightness and heat level. This helps control the rate at which the candle melts and the intensity of the fragrance.

6. Will the candle last longer using a candle warmer lamp compared to burning it traditionally?

Yes, using a candle warmer lamp can extend the life of your candle. Since the wax is melted more evenly and efficiently, you can enjoy the fragrance longer without wasting any wax.

7. How do I clean the candle warmer lamp?

Cleaning the lamp is simple. Ensure it is unplugged and cooled down before wiping it with a damp cloth. For the warming plate, use a soft cloth or sponge to remove any wax residue.

8. Are replacement bulbs readily available?

Yes, replacement bulbs for Koopower Candle Warmer Lamps are available and can usually be purchased from the same retailer or online.

9. Can I use the lamp for other purposes, like warming wax melts?

Yes, the Koopower Candle Warmer Melter can also be used to melt wax melts, providing a versatile option for home fragrance without the need for an open flame.

10. Where can I buy a Koopower Candle Warmer Lamp?

Koopower Candle Warmer Lamps are available for purchase online through Koopower official website


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